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Looking to Purchase a Pool Cover System?
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Looking to Rent a Pool Cover System?

Although we do not directly offer pool cover rentals, we will try to connect you with a company that can rent an over pool event flooring system for your special event. Pool cover rentals are ideal for weddings, soirees, corporate events, social gatherings and other special occasions. Click here to complete our online rental questionnaire.


Hotel Pool Cover Construction


Walk On Water specializes in over pool event flooring systems.  We are a worldwide distributor for several US manufacturers. 
Pool Cover Purchase - Purchasing a walk on pool cover system is an important decision that needs to be carefully planned. We have a variety of products available to us that are versatile, strong, durable, and practical.  Our product knowledge and experience will ensure that you make the right decision, based on your individual needs.

We sell over pool event flooring systems to rental companies, building contractors, home owners, hotels & casinos, and other entertainment type businesses. 
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Over Pool Platform Construction


Covering a Spa


Clear Acrylic Floor Installation


Creating An Over Pool Dance Floor


Building An Over Water Island
At A Popular Hotel

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