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If you already own a pool cover system and would like to be part of our pool cover rental network, please click the above link and complete the form in order that we may contact you.


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Swimming Pool By Day,  Event Space by Night!

Expandable Truss Systems are designed for full versatility and adaptability.  Depending on the components purchased they can be configured to suit any different pool shapes and sizes.  They are heavy-duty and sturdy galvanized steel construction, ensuring strength and durability at all times.  We sell this product mainly to event rental, and construction type companies.

Expandable pool cover systems can temporarily transform any swimming pool into usable space, that can be enjoyed.  Click on any of the images below for further photos from past events.




Hotels & Guest Houses


Private Residences


Award Ceremonies


Promotional Opportunities


Private Venues


Entertainment Platforms
Fashion Show Runways
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  If you are looking to purchase a pool cover
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