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Looking to Purchase a Pool Cover System?
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Looking to Rent a Pool Cover System?

Although we do not directly offer pool cover rentals, we will try to connect you with a company that can rent an over pool event flooring system for your special event. Pool cover rentals are ideal for weddings, soirees, corporate events, social gatherings and other special occasions. Click here to complete our online rental questionnaire.

212 Pool Cover Components - The 212 pool covering system is the most versatile, practical, and cost effective of them all. Simply purchase our patented 212 understructure support brackets (shown opposite), and use readily available lumber to do the rest!. The 212 brackets anchor 2" x 12" wooden joists to the side of the pool, on which you can easily build any floor design of your choice. Once the joists are in place the process for building the floor is very similar to that of a wooden deck! Brackets for a typical 16' x 30' rectangular pool can be purchased for approximately $7,250. Self installation is a quite straight forward providing you follow a few simple guidelines. Great for event rental companies and homeowners. Excellent span capabilities!

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Expandable Truss System - The expandable truss system is designed for full versatility and adaptability.  It too is enables the user to build the understructure on which you can construct the platform of your choice.  Depending on the components purchased the system can be configured to suit countless different pool shapes and sizes.  They product is made from heavy-duty galvanized steel construction, ensuring strength and durability at all times.  We sell this product mainly to event rental, and construction type companies.  Typical pricing starts from about $20,000 for a basic system.

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Modular Pool Cover Systems are unique in that they are custom manufactured to fit the shape, size and configuration of a specific pool.  The entire flooring system is custom engineered during the manufacturing process to fit pools of all shapes and sizes.  They are relatively simple to assemble, light-weight, can be engineered to run flush with the edge of the pool, and strong enough to be used for a variety of purposes.  This is a high end product that is priced to suit.  Complete systems start from $30,000 for a modest setup, and increase from there.  This product is great for country clubs, hotels, venues, but is not suitable for event rental companies.

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Purchase Options - Purchasing a walk on pool cover system is always an important decision for our customers.  Not just from a financial point of view either.  Many of them have questions regarding aesthetics, versatility, functionality, construction, setup, and the manufacturing timeframe.  We will walk you through the process every step of the way to ensure that you make the most appropriate decision based on your needs. 
The initial step of the process
is for us to gather as much pertinent information as possible.  We will need to know the proposed use of the cover, whether it will be used on a temporary basis or permanently, your budget, the shape and dimensions of the pool, whether it is important for you to have the cover ride flush with the surrounding deck area. etc.  In short there are many things to consider, and we will do our best to uncover your needs and considerations.
Once we have a general understanding or your needs we will provide you with a description of the pool cover system we are proposing along with an estimate, which can include shipping, first time setup, on-site assembly training etc.  We will provide you with as many options and alternatives as you need before moving forward.
To move forward with our proposal, we will require an initial deposit and signature.
Next, we will require that you obtain a complete site measurement of the pool and surrounding area, from which construction can begin. It is highly recommended that a licensed land surveyor, engineer, or someone with very keen measuring skills, gather the detailed information at this time.  The purchaser will be asked to sign off on the site measurement provided and will take full responsibility for its accuracy.  It is important to note that the estimate may be altered if the site measurement shows a difference from the information that was previously provided by the purchaser.
Finally, we will provide detailed drawings of the proposed pool cover showing assembly and design. The manufacturer will then begin construction of your cover, and an anticipated completion date will be given.

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